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Womens Week


We are delighted to be collaborating with Rule 5 Coaching in offering a week of cycling with a coaching focus. The week as been designed by Ian and his team to help with all aspects of riding. A daily focus outlined in the previous evenings briefing will frame your daily rides. These include climbing, riding in a group, fuelling in a bike and cornering.

The week is aimed at cyclists of all abilities with Rule 5 Coaching staff on hand to give feedback both during and after the rides. There professional yet ‘light touch’ approach make them the perfect coaching team to help beginner and intermediate riders who are striving to improve or learn a little more about cycling technique.

Set in Pisogne on Lake Iseo in the region of Lombardy all riders can look forward to some spectacular riding. The area has dramatic changes in terrain from endless flats around beautiful lakes to rolling hills of the Franciacorte wine region. Of course there is also plenty of challenge in the low Alps for those looking for challenge.

There are three airports within close proximity that make the holiday accessible from all corners of Europe and beyond. The closet being Milan Bergamo followed equal distance by Verona and Milan Linate. Your private transfer will be arranged for you on booking and a member of the team will meet you at the airport.

Coaching, how does it work?

The week coaching is designed to help improve your cycling but how will you be assessed and how what will the coaches use to help me learn and understand how I can improve.

In truth coaching takes many different forms and comes in many shapes and sizes. We do not offer ‘Team Sky’ but a simple and effective approach to coaching. During the week Ian and his team will use data from your Garmin and Strava (don’t worry if you haven’t got these) plus video and a system known by many called Training Peaks.

Whether this is your first time on a cycling coaching week or have an existing coach back home we offer insight and knowledge in a fun, relaxed and beautiful environment.


Saturday 8th June

Meals: Dinner

Destinations: Pisogne, Lago Iseo

Distance: —

On arrival at Milan Linate or Milan Bergamo airports you will be meet by one of our team who will assist and direct you to the waiting private transfer. Your short transfer will pass some spectacular views before arriving at the hotel in Pisogne.

You will have plenty of time to unwind and relax while the Italy Bike Tours team prepare your bike for you. Some clients may wish to sample the wellness centre of take a stroll along Lake Iseo.

Before dinner the Italy Bike Tours team and Rule 5 Cycling coaching well give a short presentation about the week of riding ahead and things to look forward to.


Sunday 9th June

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Destinations: Pisogne, Lago Iseo

Focus:  Riding abroad & riding in a group

Distance: 75 km

Terrain: Flat

Each day after breakfast we will head for a ride together. Today will be an ‘easy’ day with a relaxing and steady ride around Lake Iseo. During the ride the Rule 5 Cycling Coaching team will be in place to give tips and advance on today’s riding focus (Riding abroad and riding in a group).

With time to stop for coffee and take photos today is about getting to know each other and each other abilities. Ian and the team in the evening will give a debrief to riders on a individual basis.

Monday 10th June

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Destinations: Pisogne, Lago Iseo

Focus:  Climbing technique

Distance: 55 km

Terrain: Flat and Hilly

After yesterday’s easy introduction to the week today you will have a chance to experience the mountains the dominant this beautiful part of Italy. For some riders this will be the first time to experience a proper climb. But you have nothing to fear. Our expert team will be in place to ensure that you ride, learn and enjoy the ride in a safe and controlled environment. The climb will take around 30 minutes.

On reaching the summit you will have time to rest the legs and take on some refreshments. What comes up must come down and a steady descent of Vigolo will follow before the final flat 20km back to the hotel.

Once again the evening will be spent with Ian and the team leading a debrief of the day and highlighting to the group areas in which they collectively should focus. Individual feedback will also be given before an outline of the following day’s riding focus.


Tuesday 11th June

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Destinations: Vigolo, Lago Iseo

Focus:  Descending technique

Distance: 55 km

Terrain: Flat and Hilly

After a relaxing morning the group will head out on a steady ride before using the techniques learnt yesterday to climb an easy ascent approximately 20km from La Pieve. The day’s focus is descending and we have picked the perfect place for you to learn. It has hardly any traffic, varying degrees of difficulty and plenty of places to stop and receive feedback from the coaching staff.

Descending for many people is the most difficult aspect of riding and the day will be spent unpicking bad technique and giving helpful tips on how to descent effectively, speedily and above all safely.

In the evening Ian and the team will spend time with the group and you overviewing the day. Giving you the chance to give feedback on how you feel you are progressing and which areas you want to focus on specifically over the coming days.


Wednesday 12th June

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Destinations: Lago Iseo

Focus:  Fuelling on a bike

Distance: 80 km

Terrain: Flat and Rolling Hills

Any good coaching team are aware that information overload is counterproductive and after 4 days of having a specific focus today you will have a chance to have a longer rider. This incorporates the beauty of this spectacular part of Italy. Rider past stunning lakes, through ancient villages and over cobbled bridges never becomes tiresome.

The day’s primary focus will be based on the previous evenings briefing. Often overlooked and not understood the process of refuelling on the bike will be explained in simple terms by the team. Today you will have a chance to put this knowledge in to action.

The longer ride allows for an opportunity to put in to action knowledge learnt and skills gained through the week. By now with a greater understanding of the bike you will be feeling more confident in your ability and notice a difference in the ‘ease’ of which you are finding riding.


Thursday 13th June

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner

Destinations: Franciacorte

Focus:  Nutrition, Weight Management and Recovery

Distance: 80 km

Terrain: Flat and Rolling Hills

The last time you will be riding gives everybody the chance to put in to action the skills they have learnt in the previous 5 days. Today we will head out towards the wine region of Franciacorte. An area famed for its sparkling white wine and sumptuous cheeses. It is apt that today we will focus on nutrition, weight management and recovery!

The last evening will be spent with other riders and the team. A time to reflect on a fabulous week of riding, sunshine, learning and great hospitality.


Friday 14h June


All good things must come to an end this morning the team will pack your bike back in the box for you (if you haven’t hired a bike) and we will accompany you to the airport ensuring that there are no problems at the airport.



About Rule 5 Cycling Coaching

With over 25 years’ experience of cycling at competitive level in Road and TT, club, sportive and International events Ian has an unparalleled passion and enthusiasm for his sport. Ian fully understands how difficult it can be to progress without the knowledge, guidance and expertise of someone that can assist you to reach your goals. Ian will help you overcome weak spots in your riding, regardless of experience or ability. If you’ve a nagging urge or desperate desire to achieve something in cycling, Rule 5 Cycling can help, no matter how big or how small the challenge.

Ian and Rule 5 Cycling Coaching will help you develop more effective training, help you spot your mistakes and finding ways to develop a better technique, and will help to fast track you to a point that would have taken years on your own through trial and error.










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