Cancellation penalty charges

In accordance with our terms and conditions, the customer may cancel the tour prior to departure in accordance with the following rules: 

In the case of cancellation more than 30 days prior to departure, The deposit or in the case of deposit not having been paid, 15% of offer price will be forfeited to the operator.

  • In the case of cancellation between 30 and 15 days prior to departure, a 30% penalty charge will be applied. 

  • In the case of cancellation between 14 and 4 days prior to departure, the operator may charge 50% of the price. 

  • In the case of cancellation within 3 days of departure, or if the customer does not turn up for the departure, or lacks the required papers to participate in the tour, the operator may charge the full price of the tour.

If one or more of a party cancel and the price of the tour was based on two or more persons, the operator will apply the penalty to the cancellation and not to the whole group.

Changes to prices, services, etC

The operator reserves the right to change prices as a result of new or increased taxes and charges, changes in exchange rates, or equivalent circumstances over which the operator has no control or could not have foreseen. Prices will not be changed within 20 days of departure. In the event of a price increase of more than 10% of the agreed price, the customer is entitled to cancel the agreement at no charge.


The customer’s obligations

The customer must pay the agreed amount by the date specified in the operator’s terms and conditions. The customer must not behave in such a way as to be a nuisance to fellow travellers. A person booking a tour for someone else must ensure that that person can manage on their own. If there is gross negligence of the specified obligations on the part of the customer, he or she may be turned away or excluded from the remainder of the tour, without any entitlement to a refund from the operator. In the event of exclusion once the tour has begun, the customer must cover the costs of homeward travel himself. The customer may be liable to pay compensation if he/she deliberately or as a result of negligence inflicts a loss on the operator, including by failing to comply with the provisions set out above, destruction of property or equipment or causing physical harm to another person. The customer must ensure that he has the necessary papers for the tour (passport, visa, certificates, etc.), and takes out the insurance he requires (travel insurance and any cancellation cover, etc.). The customer also undertakes to settle any bills for extra charges incurred during the tour, e.g. minibar, telephone, etc. If these charges are not settled during the tour and are charged to us, we will be obliged to re-invoice the charges to the customer, subject to an additional fee of 50 Euro.


The operator’s right to cancel the tour

The operator may cancel a tour for the following reasons: 

  1. If the number of bookings is not sufficient to operate the tour as set out under minimum required number on offer.

  2. In the event of circumstances over which we have no control and which could not be foreseen at the time the booking was taken, such as war or state of war, natural disaster, epidemic, industrial disputes and similar circumstances (force majeure) which make it difficult or inadvisable to operate the tour. The operator shall notify the customer of the cancellation as soon as possible. If a tour is cancelled, the customer is entitled to a full refund of the price of the tour. The customer cannot claim any compensation over and above this, unless he has incurred a loss as a result of the operator’s own error or oversight.


Complaints/time limit for complaints

Complaints in connection with accommodation, meals, etc. must be made immediately to the tour operator’s local representative or main office, otherwise the customer forfeits the right to complain. In addition, other complaints must be made within 1 month of returning home, unless there are special reasons for extending the time limit. (NB comments made on questionnaires submitted are not registered or considered as written complaints.)


Financial security

As per the provisions of the package travel act, Italy Bike Tours operate a client account in which money paid cannot be released to the operator until 24 hours after return from tour. In case of insolvency this money is protected and maybe returned to customer.


Third parties

A person who is not a party to these terms shall not have any rights under or in connection with them.


Governing Law

These Terms and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Reservation & payment details

On choosing the package you wish please contact us using the form located on the contact us page. Your reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of your deposit.

Final and full payment is due no later than 60 days prior to trip start date. Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Or Credit Card Payments (fees may apply) are accepted.


Italy Bike Tours will not be liable if any additional expenses are incurred through delay, accident or disruptions of planned itineraries beyond our control, e.g, terrorist activity, strikes, natural disasters, adverse weather conditions, fire, technical problems of transport, closure of ports or airports, cancellation or changes of schedule by scheduled airlines, or similar events beyond our control. Such expenses are the responsibility of the customer.

Instructions for bicycle use is assumed and not provided, and all customers assume all risks associated with the activity they have booked. Customers affirm they are familiar with the operation of a multi speed bicycle. By booking a package with Italy Bike Tours you affirm that you are in good health and are physically capable of engaging in the activity you are booking. Helmet use is essential and not optional.

Italy Bike Tours are not liable for personal injury, death, damage to property or other loss whether arising from accident, cancellations, delays or any other situation that may arise. Italy Bike Tours clients should insure against all such possibilities.


All clients travelling with Italy Bike Tours must have adequate travel insurance which must include cover for medical expenses arising from accident or personal injury, cycling abroad, loss of luggage and cancellation. A copy of your insurance certificate must be sent to Italy Bike Tours no later than one week prior to your tour commencing. Italy Bike Tours reserve the right at any time to substitute alternative accommodation or to make any other alteration to the tours which become necessary due to circumstances beyond their control and undertake to inform participants as soon as possible.

Personal information

If you contact us, we will collect the email address you nominate and any other identifying information you provide, such as a name or phone number.

Other than circumstances such as serious threats to health and safety, we do not share any personal information that you provide to us. Your name, telephone number and email address will not be released, sold or rented to any entities or individuals outside of Italy Bike Tours. You may opt out of further contact from us at any time.


Italy Bike Tours does not collect or record any credit card details you may provide when purchasing products from our website. Your credit card details are processed by STRIPE.

All rights reserved

Italy Bike Tours reserves the right to change prices, as well as misprints in text, images and links on our web pages and to make changes to the route of a tour which may arise as a result of unforeseen events. We also reserve the right to make changes to prices and terms and conditions and to misprints.